20 Wine Slushies to Make This Summer

Wine slushies are the perfect summer treat. Whether you’re hosting a get-together, sitting on your porch or in your backyard or relaxing on the beach, you are going to be happy with this round up of frozen wine recipes!

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20 Wine Slushies to Make This Summer

All you need is some of your favorite frozen fruit and a bottle of your favorite wine! Some of our favorite wines to make into refreshing summer treats are sweet red wine slushies, Riesling slushies, Moscato slushies, and Prosecco slushies.  We scoured the web, checking out some of our favorite bloggers for this recipe round-up of 20 wine slushies to make this summer.


How to Make Slushies with Wine

Just throw your ingredients into your blender, blend to combine, and voila! Wine slushies are super fast to put together. I bet they’d be great for your next girl’s night! That’s why I rounded up 20 of my favorite slushies for you to make this summer! I bet you are going to love them too!

Refreshing Frose

Chill out this summer with Froze Slushies!
Chill out this summer with Froze Slushies! Photo: Celebrating Sweets

Is Rose your favorite wine? Make it into a delicious Frose in the summer months with these wine slushy recipes.

Or use any of your favorite frozen fruit to make this Frozen wine recipe, courtesy of Celebrating Sweets!  Or take your Frose on the go with this recipe!

Riesling Slushies

Resiling Peach and Cherry Slushies
Resiling Peach and Cherry Slushies Photo Credit: Living Sweet Moments

We love a good Riesling and this recipe for Riesling Peach And Cherry Slushies sounds like a delicious frozen cocktail!

Why should the kids get all the slushie fun? Make these amazingly tasty Peach Mango Wine Slushies just for mom and dad!

We love blackberries and this recipe is just another way to use this versatile fruit!

Prosecco Slushies

Pineapple Prosecco Slushie
Pineapple Prosecco Slushie Photo Credit: The Suburban Soapbox

Prosecco isn’t just for mimosas! Use it to make a Prosecco Strawberry Slushie like this recipe!

These Pineapple Prosecco Wine Slushies are made with just two ingredients and are the best poolside summertime beverage.

Frozen peaches, Peach Schnapps, and Prosecco whirl up into a fabulously delicious Peach Bellini Slushy!

Get ready for the holidays with two festive wine cocktail recipes featuring Santa Margherita Prosecco Superiore DOCG.

Sweet Red Wine Slushies


Use your favorite sweet red wine to make this refreshing strawberry wine slushie recipe.

This Red Wine Slushie recipe is super smart. Freeze your red wine in ice cube trays first so you don’t water down your drink!

If you prefer to skip the slush, here are the top 4 red wine varietals for summer sipping.

Moscato Slushies

Strawberry Lemonade Moscato Slushie
Strawberry Lemonade Moscato Slushie Photo: Miss in the Kitchen

We love strawberry lemonade and this recipe adds Moscato to make it the ultimate refreshing slushie!

Celebrate Summer with Fresh Fruit Vino Slushies


Mangos and Blackberries come together to make this slushie recipe.

We love the contrast of colors in these wine Peach and Blueberry Slushies.


Three berry flavors and a riesling make up this delicious looking wine berry slushie!

Watermelon is one of our favorite refreshing fruits to enjoy in the summer, that’s why we love this Watermelon Wine Slushie! https://wanderlustandwellness.org/watermelon-wine-slush/

We are loving the bright red color of this Cherry Berry Slushie!

Mango Lychee Wine Slushies with Ginger Photo credit: Living Sweet Moments
Sample these Mango Lychee Wine Slushies with Ginger Photo credit: Living Sweet Moments

Mango Lychee Slushies with Ginger Lime are something so exotic sounding you have got to try it out!

Use fresh or frozen peaches to make these Peach Wine Slushies.

Your favorite bottle of sangria and frozen berries are all it takes to whip up these Berry Sangria Slushies.

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