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About Wine Lovers Village

WineLoversVillage, where wine, food, travel and conversation flow. Join Us!
Diana Rowe Travel writer and Chief Winer at
Diana Rowe Travel writer and Chief Winer at

Chief Winers and Co-Founders Diana Rowe and Dana Zucker acquired the established WineLoversVillage in May of 2015, creating the new logo and tag line: Where Wine, Food, Travel and Conversation Flow.  Sherry Wernicke joined WLV in 2016.

Diana, Dana, and Sherry met virtually as bloggers through and met in person in 2014 at TravelingMom Walt Disney World retreat. In April 2015, Diana and Dana traveled together to China, and this “girlfriend trip” cemented their friendship and love of wine, travel, and food.

Denver-based Diana Rowe is a self-professed foodie and wine lover. She’s happiest when she’s traveling and sipping Pinot Grigio. She loves to experience new restaurants, almost as much as she loves to return to her favorites. She is a seasoned travel writer with hundreds of published articles and photos appearing in print and online. She’s a co-founder of, and she blogs about her travels (with and without her family) at and as the “Traveling Grandmom” at

WineLoversVillage, where wine, food, travel and conversation flow. Join Us!

WineLoversVillage co-founders & chief Winers Dana Zucker & Sherry Wernecke
WineLoversVillage co-founders & chief Winers Sherry Wernecke (L) and Dana Zucker (R)


The Dynamic Duo Sherry Wernecke and Dana Zucker are also part of the family. Writing as a team, Sherry and Dana are both well-seasoned travelers and lovers of wine and food. As a team, they contribute to as Luxe TravelingMoms. As wives of triathletes, they write at





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