16 Best Charcuterie Board Recipes

The best charcuterie board recipes are a delicious way to give your guests options for yummy food. They tend to pair well with just about every kind of wine and offer a little something for everyone. I adore them and love to serve charcuterie boards to guests. With the precautions of Covid-19 out there right now, you may think about creating individual charcuterie boards instead. Get creative with these 16 best charcuterie board recipes!

The best charcuterie boards are full of flavor and seasonal tastes.

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16 Best Charcuterie Board Recipes

If you are new to the concept of charcuterie boards, they’ve become increasingly popular over the last year or so. Consisting of a variety of meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts, and more, they’re perfect for entertaining. Charcuterie boards are also perfect for a quiet night at home, appetizers, lunch, and absolutely go just lovely with your favorite glass of wine! 

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We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the very best charcuterie boards you can put together at home. We just know you are going to love them. Take your dinner to the next level! Check out our selection of the best charcuterie board recipes for any time of year or occasion.

What are Charcuterie Boards?

A charcuterie board is a way to present a variety of meats and cheeses, fruit or nuts, and even desserts. It’s essentially a beautiful presentation of a meat and cheese board to pair with wine. Charcuterie Boards are super flexible too. Really, you can personalize your board to any way you’d like, from the type of board and knives used to food served. Want something super low key? Go for it. Want something pricey and upscale? That’s great too.

Up your Charcuterie game with personalized cheese boards from Etsy.
Up your Charcuterie game with personalized cheese boards from Etsy.

The best part? It takes absolutely zero skill to make them. Even if you aren’t a whiz in the kitchen, I guarantee you can enjoy making a Charcuterie Board too. And if you’d just rather not put the boards together, simply google “charcuterie boards near me” and have it delivered. 

How to make mini charcuterie boards

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The fabulous thing about serving charcuterie at your own party is that there are no rules! Keep it as simple as you like (just the cured meats maybe?) or dress it up with fresh or dried fruits, a variety of artisan bread and crackers, olives, spreads like honey, preserves, or jams. Or keep it budget-friendly by setting out a small plate or go all out with a huge platter! Buying individual boards are a chic way to set up your next get together and make your guests feel special.

1. Loaded S’mores Board

The best charcuterie boards don't have to be all about meat. They can be dessert-focused too.
The best charcuterie boards don’t have to be all about meat. They can be dessert-focused too.

If you thought that the best charcuterie boards have to be laden with lots of red meat, think again. Move over cheese and fruit and say hello to this Loaded S’Mores Board for a dessert option. 

2. Date Night Charcuterie Board

Want to make your next at-home date night super special? Take it to the next level with this Date Night Charcuterie Board that may just inspire a little romance.

3. Greek Charcuterie Tray

The flavors of the Mediterranean go perfectly with a glass of wine. You can pretend you are sunning on the beaches of Santorini with this Greek Appetizer Tray.

4. Spanish Cheese and Meat Board

This spanish inspired grazing board is just delicious.

If you are looking for a more cheese heavy charcuterie board, this may be the one for you. How about pairing this Spanish-inspired Cheese and Meat Board with a crisp glass of Sangria? 

5. Summer Fruit and Cheese Board

There is nothing more refreshing than something like this Summer Fruit and Cheese Board. Bring summer to your home any time of year!

6. Easy Grazing Board

New to the concept of charcuterie boards? Check out these tips to put the perfect grazing board together tonight! 

7. Italian Melon and Cheese Board

You can make individual charcuterie boards like this Italian-themed one.

How beautiful is this Italian Summer Melon and Cheese Board? The crisp, refreshing taste of summer melons balance sweet wines so well! 

8. Individual Charcuterie Boards

How adorable are these Individual Charcuterie Boards? They’re perfect to take to the winery or maybe just a picnic in your backyard. 

9. French Fry Football Board

A french fry football charcuterie board? Why not?
A french fry football charcuterie board? Why not?

A French Fry board? Yes please! How perfect is this French Fry Football Board for the next big game? Kids (of all ages) will adore this unique and fun option.

10. DIY Deli Tray

This DIY Deli Tray is the perfect low-maintenance type of appetizer that everyone will love. Plus, it is really affordable and so super easy.

11. Holiday Charcuterie Boards

We love making charcuterie boards for holiday open houses. No matter what your holidays look like this year, or what holidays you celebrate, this Holiday Charcuterie Board is perfect. 

12. Fall Charcuterie and Cheese Board

This beautiful Charcuterie and Cheese Board has all of the flavors of the fall. Feel free to have it any time of year though.

13. Patriotic Charcuterie Board

This patriotic charcuterie board is fun and tasty.

Show off your patriotism for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or maybe just Election Day with a red, white, and blue Patriotic Charcuterie Board.

14. DIY Grazing Table

Grazing tables are all the rage right now at parties and we are here for it! This DIY Grazing Table is good for a fun family dinner too. 

15. Mediterranean Mezze Platter

Enjoy your favorite glass of wine with this Mediterranean Mezze Platter. It’s the perfect appetizer for any of your Greek, Spanish, Italian or Turkish main dishes. 

16. French Charcuterie Platter

This French Charcuterie Platter will have you feeling like you are sitting in a sidewalk cafe on the West Bank in Paris. C’est formidable!

Best charcuterie board Recipes are the ones you like

This summer fruit and cheese board is one of the best charcuterie boards for a light, refreshing meal.You can put all your creative energy into these charcuterie boards. Any of them will be delicious and they can be as big or small or unique as you like. Try to incorporate the flavors of the season for a fresh, flavor-packed charcuterie board.

Check out 16 of the best charcuterie boards that offer something for everyone.s

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