Pack A Fork: Unique Cultural & Culinary Adventure to Spain

Looking for a guided AND unique cultural and culinary adventure to Spain? Join ‘Pack a Fork!’ on this small group, one-of-a-kind adventure through the Catalan and Basque regions of Northern Spain. Taste, sip wine, and explore your way through Spain, June 1-12, 2016. But hurry as only a few openings remain! Booking window closes on March 21 (or until sold out).

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Join Pack A Fork!, a Colorado-based boutique tour company, for a unique cultural and culinary tour of Spain — and yes, Spanish wines.

Join Pack a Fork! on a Cultural and Culinary Adventure To Spain

On this 12-day cultural and culinary adventure to Spain, you’ll likely discover you need more time to explore this beautiful country.  What you’ll love is that the Colorado boutique tour company Pack A Fork! is packing mucho experiencia into these 12 days from June 1 – 12, 2016.

You’ll also love that there will be no more than 15 guests + two tour operators for a more personalized experience. On this intimate adventure, you’ll travel through Barcelona, northward to the Costa Brava, across the Pyrenees, into the 3-star Michelin gastronomic city of San Sebastian, ending at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

Patty Moss, owner of Pack A Fork!, has designed a unique itinerary that includes the Catalan and Basque regions of Spain: Barcelona (3 days), Costa Brava (2 days), Pyrenees Mountains (2 days), San Sebastian (2 days), Bilbao (1 day) returning to Madrid. Guests will fly into Barcelona and out of Madrid. A coach and a driver will take you on this excursion across northern Spain.

Intrigued?  To review the complete itinerary, go to

Did Someone Say Wine AND Food?

Ah yes, this trip to Spain will be that and so much more.  Patty also gave us a little insider info on this 12-day cultural and culinary adventure to Spain, which will include a stop at Bodega Otazu near the Rioja wine region of Spain.

Bodega Otazu is a family-owned winery that is well-known for its reds and chardonnays. Guests will be given a tour of the winery, vineyards, will be able to wander their wine museum and enjoy their cultural gardens. Guests will be served lunch with a wine tasting during the visit.

Cheers to Patty Moss, owner and creator of the amazing cultural and culinary tours at Pack A Fork!, a boutique tour company located in Colorado.
Cheers to Patty Moss, owner and creator of the amazing cultural and culinary tours at Pack A Fork!, a boutique tour company located in Colorado.

Who is Pack A Fork!

Say hello to your new best friend, Patty Moss, owner, creator and tour organizer for Pack A Fork!, foodie adventures for women 40+.  (But don’t worry guys, this Spain trip is open to men AND all ages!)  After sending off her daughter to college, she fed her love of good food, gourmet cooking, fresh ingredients and travel with female friends by creating Pack A Fork.

From Colorado to Napa, and now Spain, Patty’s goal is to organize food-themed travel and provide women with a local cultural, food, and wine experiences at the destination.

Patty’s job is to keep your tour running smoothly, as planned, while she uses local tour guides to ensure that those on her tour learn about the region they know so well.

Patty says, “So ‘pack your fork’, ladies, we are headed for some unique foodie adventures! And this time, we are men are welcome!”

Why Spain?


June 1-12, 2016 Unique cultural & culinary Spain tour by Pack A Fork!

This is the first Spain tour offered by Pack A Fork! According to Patty, “My tours have typically been US food and wine destinations (Napa, Colorado Western Slope, Maine) that many people have never been or haven’t visited from a culinary & wine perspective. I believe we have great foodie destinations in our own country that remain to be discovered. My tours are focused on learning a destination/region through from a culinary perspective.”

But then came Spain, and Patty couldn’t resist. “My admiration of our two guides and their expertise prompted me to create a this cultural and culinary tour to Spain because of who THEY are. I can fully trust both of them. I have known them for awhile but never at this level. We actually custom-designed this tour together to northern Spain. We created a uniquely PackAFork! trip, one you can’t get from another tour company.”

“This is a unique, customized experience for men and women who want to discover the best of northern Spain,” says Pack a Fork! Owner Patty Moss. “It will be led by Spanish guides, committed to giving guests an authentic experience in the country they love so much. There will be main attractions and off-the-beaten path experiences. Experience, learn, create and immerse yourself in some of the best Spain has to offer!”

Introducing Your Spain Pack A Fork! Tour Guides

Pack A Fork is very fortunate to introduce you to two special tour guides for their trip to Spain:  Claude & Cristina Baud, bringing their knowledge about the regions of Spain, the sites on the itinerary, Spanish history, Spanish foods and wines. Claude and Cristina are committed to Pack a Fork! guests having a great experience in the country they love so much.
Cristina Baud is a native of Madrid with a craving for travel, which has taken her to over 38 countries around the world. In spite of her extensive travels, Spain is where her soul feels most engaged with its diverse culture, colorful traditions, innovative cuisine, rich history and passionate people.years. He also attended the Hotel School of Lousanne in Switzerland; worked as chef at the Hotel Tamaro in Ascona, Switzerland. Claude speaks four languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian. A food and wine connoisseur, Claude has taught culinary classes specializing in paella and tapas.

Two Spanish tour guides will provide guests with experiences focused on Spanish cuisine, wines, landmarks, marketplaces, modern art, and the beaches on two coastlines. Guests will hike in the Pyrenees, wander through medieval towns in the countryside, learn about Spanish wines and cook with a Basque chef. This tour will also offer all-important downtime to relax and unwind.

Got Spanish Wine?

For those who want to experience Spanish wine at home, Pack A Fork local tour guide Claude recommends: JuanGil, Honoro Vera Monastrell. Made with Monastrell grapes from vineyards planted on very poor and stony limestone soil with few nutrients and lack of irrigation, the result is a wine with a high aromatic intensity and a great fruit concentration, which is very pleasant and easy to drink.

Claude says, “This red is from the Rioja region. It’s full-bodied, bold and has a complex body of cherry and berry overtones. The tannins are not too strong and it has a long, nice finish.”

Are You Ready to Experience Spain?

This exclusive tour to Spain is about experiencing the rich culture and exceptional gastronomy as we travel from Barcelona to the Costa Brava across the Pyrenees Mountains and end in the Basque cities of San Sebastian and Bilbao. Experience must-see historic and architectural sites, small medieval towns, marketplaces, beaches, city centers, museums and a national park. Taste local foods and wines and learn to cook the Basque way. This will be the trip of a life-time! Return home with stories to tell about what you experienced and the Spanish people who welcomed you!

Normally a travel company catering to women over the age of 40 only, Pack A Fork! has opened this tour to men and women of all ages, including solo travelers and couples. A $500 discount is extended for double rooms.

The registration and deposit deadline is March 21st (or until it is sold out!). Potential participants should contact 303-652-1535 or

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